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Anyone used the CSI Super Shield for a 727?

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From: Florida Panhandle
Registered: Feb 2002

Having run a trans blanket for so many years
(filled the tranny fluid) This looks like a great idea if it really fits the stock floor pan


Moparts Member
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From: lapeer,michigan
Registered: Jan 2001
posted 05-08-2002 08:21 PM

Mine fits, but barely. I didn't have enough room to lift the engine high enough to clear the mounts. Even with the mounts removed, it was still very tight. I certainly don't need to use the strap that comes with it. It is a very nice pieece, though.


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From: Decatur Alabama
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posted 05-08-2002 10:08 PM

Mine fit in a 1970 RR but the engine and trans have to be put together as you can't get to the bell housing bolts otherwise. Its a close fit too like was stated above you get the strap with it but its definely not going anywhere without it.


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From: Vantaa, Finland
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posted 05-10-2002 01:37 AM

I bought one since I needed a flex plate shield. Since the Supershield handles both the trans and the flex plate shielding and I have a tight trans tunnel I figured that it would be just right for me and I could get rid of the blanket. So, while changing the converter I also fitted the trans shield on the trans, minor clearancing on the case and it fit like a dream. Raised it up and it was a real pain to get the allen head bolts started & screwed. Anyway, I managed to do it and raised the tail; no way would it fit. The '66 A was never intended for a 727 in the first place, but mine was an original 4-speed, so it had some extra room. Unfortunately not in the right place. So, had to open the botls, drop the trans, take a flycutter and make room. Happy I did, now there is no problem with the bolts and there is plenty of clerance around the trans and good access to everything. It seems to require at least an inch of room around the trans everywhere and at some points even more to fit.


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Terry, if you motor is in the stock location on your 64 it should be no problem. If you have it in the location a newer K member is (assuming you run a motor plate), it can really be a problem. My buddy has a 64 Savoy and the trans tunnel lip had to be altered quite a bit to fit the trans. His has a 68 k member in it.
BTW, how is the car? Does it still look the same? Miss seeing it around here, you always put on a good show.



Canuck Hemi
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From: Saint John, NB Canada
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posted 05-10-2002 11:08 AM

It will fit a big block 727 in an A body but does require some persuasion.
In the A body & B body cars we had to tap the tunnel in a few places. On the B body the old TCI shield wasn't even close. Thats why we went with the CSI and would never go back.



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