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Automatic OD in a 68 Dart GT

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posted 07-01-2002 07:43 PM

I just bought a low mileage wrecked 92 Dakota w/a 318/Auto-OD trans. How hard would it be to put the OD trans in the Dart? I know I seen an article on this somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. Is there a web site that would have any details on this??

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posted 07-02-2002 05:47 PM
The A-518 trans will fit the floor pan, but the torsion bar crossmember needs to be moved up out of the way of the O/D unit. Also a custon trans mount must be made. I used a slightly modified GM trans isolator on the mount I made. Basically, I made a new Xmember out of 2X2X1/8" square tube & a piece of 2X1/2" flat on top. My Xmember is coped to fit over the torsion bar sockets & welded to the sockets & what remains of the stock Xmember. I covered the Xmember with a false floor & carpeted right over it... looks stock! All the shift & KD linkage from the original 904 bolted right on, the cooling lines must be replaced with 3/8" tube instead of the stock 5/16", & the speedo cable must be 13" longer (of course a new yoke & cut-down D/shaft are needed). Mine is a non-lockup, I activate the O/D with a high beam switch on the floor & moved hi-beam switch to bottom of dash.
I have lots of PHOTOS of the install (sorry, no digi-pics).


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