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Transmission Leak from where??

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From: Bristol, VA.
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posted 07-03-2002 04:30 PM

I seem to have a constant drop of transmission fluid at the bottom of the dust cover at the front of the transmission. Doesn't appear to be coming from the the pan gasket, (just had it changed) where else could it be coming from?

John Russo
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From: Portsmouth, VA, USA
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posted 07-03-2002 04:33 PM

Converter hub seal, pump outer O-ring seal, pump bolt coated washers, dipstick tube o-ring. John

Moparts Member
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From: Folsom, CA USA
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posted 07-03-2002 04:49 PM

If its on the driver side of the car, it could be the "manual lever" seal.

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From: lake charles, la
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posted 07-04-2002 01:32 AM

I chased a small leak for several years, including no change after a rebuild with a new case, so slow I could never find it. Just found it today. The neutral switch. The plastic would rotate in the housing. Unbelievable. I thought it was cursed, caused I had tried everthing BUT this switch.If you can move the plastic, it will leak.

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posted 07-04-2002 01:38 AM

I had a Shift-Shaft Seal leak, Driver's Side. Thought it was a Pan Gasket leak, so I replaced that first, then I realized it was from higher up.
They make a special tool to replace it, without needing to remove the valve-body, from outside the trans.

KD Tools sells them.

Of course, it could be a main-pump seal, etc.

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From: Winneconne, WI
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posted 07-04-2002 07:28 AM

My sons car had that problem and it turned out to be the hub of the converter was rubbing on the seal. A friend had also had this same problem and showed us how he had made an 1/8" shim plate to fit between the engine and tranny housing. We replaced the seal and added the plate, and no more problems.

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posted 07-04-2002 10:37 AM

Clean it off good and see exactly where its coming from. Mine ended up being the dip stick o-ring, thats after I pulled the pan twice thinking it was that.

Black Sheep
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From: Minnesota
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posted 07-04-2002 10:43 AM

Mine also leaked from the dipstick tube. I changed to a thicker o-ring, it was a little harder to install the tube but it hasn't leaked since.

info provided by members listed above

I am trying to stop the leak on my 727, I got the seal that goes in the case for the gear selecter, were can I get the seal that goes on the kick down lever,under the linkage/e-cip/washer? is this a dealer item? is tere a part # for this? also need the speed-o pinion shaft seal & o-ring for the adaptor-leaks fluid into the speed-o cable.
also is it possable that the kick down band adjuster bolt leaking past the threads,can you use sealer on it? what are some suggestions on tranny lines as what to use other than the steel lines/would like to run them along the frame a way from the headers. THANKS for any help or suggestions MIKE

The seal that fits down into the gear selector shaft and seals the kickdown lever shaft is Mopar P/N 2466548 or Delta P/N 53258 or 13207.

The seals on the speedo adapter:

Outer o-ring, P/N 6031370 or Delta P/N 53266 or 3301 for 1966+

Inner speedo pinion gear shaft seal, P/N Delta 45264 or 3991 for 1966+

The kickdown band adjusting screw can leak past the threads, just use some RTV or other sealer on the threads.

You could use braided line along the frame rail, but it can be expensive. You could wrap the steel lines with some sort of insulating material, or wrap the headers in the vicinity of the lines with that hi temp header wrap.


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