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What is a 5.0 lever..and what does it do??

That is the ratio of the lever that applies the "kickdown" band (2nd gear band). It is the same part in the 904 and 727.

The kickdown band lever is like a rocker arm. A piston moves against it, and this action is transfered to the band around a pivot point. The higher ratio means it provides more leverage to apply the band with more holding power. It does not have anything to do with the kickdown linkage. If you use it, adjust the band adjuster screw snug, ~10in-lb, then back off 1-1/2 turns. Slightly different than for a lower ratio lever.

Griner Engineering says that the 3.8 is the best ratio arm to use in a 727 under 600 HP. The 5.0 can be used with a band adjustment of snug, back off 1-1/2 Turns. The TransGo instructions give different band adjustment procedures for each ratio. Also, recommend 2 return springs in the kickdown servo, and 12 springs in the high clutch drum piston. Also, use .008" - .012" clearance per disc in the high clutch drum and use a FLAT selective snap ring to get the required clearance. 4 disc drum, use about 0.045" - 0.050" clearance. You can purchase a 3.8 lever from Griner for about $25.


transkckdwnlvr1.jpg - 24034 Bytes

Torqueflight kickdown band levers: 727/904

2.9 - 2204952

3.2 - 2124666

3.8 - 2125067

4.2 - 2124579

5.0 - 2801217 NS1 use MP part P4529023


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