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Rear Axle

8 3/4 Axle end play and adjuster lock

Yes there is an endplay adjustment. The right side axle retainer should have a threaded adjuster on itheld locked in place with a finger type retainer attached t one of retainer bolts.

I have done alot of them and never had a dial indicater. I learned from an old timer and it hasn't failed but hands on is easier than telling in print just like picture is worh a 1000 words. What I do is jack up the rear of the car and support on stands. Remove both the wheels and brake drums as you have it together. on the right side where the adjuster is take out the little retaining clip and tightenthe the adjuster until you can feel no end play in the asle. Rap on end with a large hammer and turn axle a couple of times, got to left side and make sure that there is no end play there either. OK now go back and back off the adjuster till you can just bearly feel any movement turn axle a couple of times more to seat the bearings and recheck the movement. You should be able to feel a slight movement when you grab the axle flange and push in and out. Now replace the locking clip and put the drums back on.

PS: I hope that you packed the axle bearings with good wheel bearing compatable grease before you put it back together as this is the only lubecation that the axle bearing get. They are not lubricated with the rear end lubricant. You should aslo have replaced the inner axle seals provent them from leaking rear end lub into the brakes and washing out the bearing grease.

PS>PS> If you didn't pack these bearings bdfore you reassembled this this could have been your howl as they would have been running dry.

Here's a pic for anyone who wants to fabricate one Not a dealer item any more.

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