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Which head gaskets for Edelbrock heads?

Edelbrock recommends using the Fel-Pro 1009 gaskets. I recommend to check the gasket fit by laying it on your block and being sure the fire ring does not overhang the chamfer at the top of the bore, especially between the two center bores. Did you get a set of head bolts to go with them? If not, you'll need those too. The ARP # is 145-3606

If you could catch your fingernail on it, you'll eventually blow the gaskets. A cure is to get a set of gaskets with a larger bore. The Fel Pro marine gasket for a BB is similar construction to a 1009 gasket. The part # is 17059. It has the same compressed .039" thickness, but the cc is 10.9 instead of 9.9.


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