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John Kunkel
Moparts Member
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From: Rio Linda, CA, USA
Registered: Nov 1999
posted 05-18-2002 05:51 PM

Could some of you with stock Street Hemis measure your crank and water pump pulley diameters and post them here with the years they came form.
My car has a mismatched set and I'm trying to make it right.

So far, one response with a lower single pulley that measures 5 7/8" in diameter by 1 5/8" deep. Thought to be a '66-'67.

Moparts Member
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From: Abbotsford B.C.
Registered: Nov 2000
posted 05-19-2002 07:06 PM

John: 71 Hemi Charger, bottom pulley, inner (alt-fan) is 6 1/2 inch, outer (PS) is 5 1/2 inch, cannot get depth as car is assembled, top pulley is 5.45 inch diameter, 2.1 inch from front surface to back surface.

Moparts Member
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From: Cherry Hill New Jersey USA
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posted 05-20-2002 07:27 PM

For a 426 Hemi I was able to use the bottom pulley from a poly 318.Was told this by local NJ mopar legend Joe Gerdelman

Moparts Member
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From: Rockford MN USA
Registered: Sep 2000
posted 05-21-2002 11:34 PM

The crank pully (single groove) is 5-3/4 dia x 1-3/16" total depth. The WP pully is 6-7/8" Dia x 2-7/8" deep. The wp pully is the same as a big block, the crank pully is different on the hemi due the thicker damper. Hope this helps.

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