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Edelbrock BB head on BradH's Superflow

Here are some results of testing some intakes on my Edelbrock BB head on BradH's Superflow 110 flow bench.

Flow isn't everything (especially on intakes), as noted when this TM-6 was only a little better than the M1 B intake at the track on my 451 CID. But good flow should be important for this years 471 CID. This was a "good" cylinder on my heads, others were a little less.

The intake flow numbers I posted from last year's tests, were out-of-the-box M1 B and TM-6, but the M1 RB was modified (not as much as this years).

Welding and porting the bolt clearance bumps on the #3,5,4,6 runners worked. It got the flow up better than the #1 runner which had no bump.

We didn't have a Perf RPM intake. We did some testing on the number 1 cylinder too, but only the TM-6 and the M1 (RB). My intake was exactly how I ran it last year. The head ports were touched this winter, but the flow was almost unchanged.

So, the combo of the head and intake flow fairly balanced together.



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