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B/RB dipstick tube install solution!

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B/RB dipstick tube install solution!


In a previous thread today, I asked if anyone had any tricks to simplify the PITA task of installing a dipstick tube in a big block. Headers, of course, only make it more fun.

Well, I installed my tube today and I think I have the best method. Get a 3/8" crows-foot wrench and all the 3/8" drive extensions you can get your hands on. You'll need 2-1/2 to 3 feet. put the crows-foot on the end of this long extension. Start the tube in the block. From the top, carefully place the crows-foot over the large-diameter ring that stops the tube from going too far into the block. You'll now have an extension sticking up from the engine bay. Whap the extension with a hammer, driving the dipstick tube into the block. It helps, but is not necessary, to have someone below to keep the crows-foot from jumping off the tube.

After I figured this out, I had the tube installed, bottomed out, in 5 minutes, and I work slow!

DISCLAIMER: My car is a '67 Coronet, RB, Edelbrock heads, power steering, Hooker 1-7/8 comp headers. This may not work in different applications, but you should try it to be sure. I was installing a stock dipstick tube, not an aftermarket or chome one.

I hope I helped someone.



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