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A-body big block motor mount question

I have the correct big block k-frame for my 68 a-body. I have the correct a-body 383 and motor mounts. Are the big block rubber insulators for the a-body the same as the rubber insulators for the 340 motor mounts? I do not have a parts reference to get the correct part numbers for the big block rubber insulators for the a-body 383. Anybody have the correct rubber insulator part numbers for the 383 application? If not, will the small block insulators work? Thanks, JOE


The right side mount is the same as other big blocks. The left side is the problem. Hard to come by but out there. I got mine from Schumacher www.engine-swaps.com He sells a very good product, it's not a exact replica but darn close.

right side is the same as the B-E body mount , the left is the same as the 65 c body ..

#2465861 is the rubber motor mount insulator used on the drivers side,1965 C-body 361/383/413/426w and 1967-1969 A-body 383/440 engines, there is a bunch of repo/nos units made in mexico in the 70s by republic industries,31-2270 was there part number

The NOS ONLY guy on the east coast who advertises in MCG has them and sells them in the classifed sections of the Mopar Collector Guide magazine for about$79.95.

The steel wrap around engine mount that clears the steering pump was also used first on the 65 Cs with any big block, and reused on the 67-69 383 a-bodies. Schumacher repos both the insulator and the bracket but they wont interchange with the old stuff, they will bolt to the blocks and the k-frame if you use both pieces. Norm brady in wisconson nbrady@execpc.com repoed the steel bracket just like the orignal ones.

Pass side rubber motor mount insulator s for the 67-69 383/440 A-bodies is the same as any 66-72B/70-74E/66-73C-bodies with any V8 engines. The steel bracket on the pass side of the 383/440 67-69 A-bodies is the same as the pass side big block 66-72B/70-71E/66-73C.


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