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Disc brake conversion master cylinder?

Does anyone have the part number for the recommended master from a 79 D100 pickup for a disc brake conversion?

I looked at one today that did not have the reservoir or the rod retainer in it. Does anyone have a part number that I can use to track this thing down?


It's actually 4 k's but who's counting. The NAPA part number for an Aluminum MC for a 81 Dodge D150 with a 1 1/8" bore is UBP39178 or USS4739178. The first one is the NAPA brand at about $84 and the second is their Saftey Stop brand at $45. That's the good news. I, however, was unable to get an aluminum one. Everyone under that part number they pulled off the shelf was cast iron. I then tried carquest and Redline Automotive with the same results. I ended up getting a Wilwood Aluminum MC through Summit for about $100. The Wilwood is exactly the same as the Mopar units except that it's a 1 1/16" bore. That means that you won't be able to get a rebuild kit from NAPA, but Wilwood does carry them. It comes with the pushrod retainer, dust boot, resovior, fittings (which are the same as Mopar brake fittings) and bolts right into place with my stock manual brake pushrod using one of Zippy's adapters.

master1.jpg - 18927 Bytes

Here's the Wilwood MC next to a D150 MC. Except for the color and lack of numbers, you couldn't tell it's not a Mopar Part.
master2.jpg - 10174 Bytes

Autozone reman. master cylinder # is M1860 and res. # is R23805. I believe brand is Fenco.


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