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73-76 A Body Spindles. Swapping Sides?

I heard that if you swap your spindles left to right you can still use your 67-72 swaybar! IS this true? Anyone out there do this? I assume it's because the calipers would now be on the back side of the rotor. But what about the geometry? Hmmm

geometry is fine, the knuckles are symmetrical. The problem is the brake hose. Some people have found solutions that work for them but it depends on which caliper you use.

If you don't rear-mount the calipers on a '67-'72 sway bar car, it will hit and take a way some steering range. Rear Mounting is easy...

If you are going to mount to the front, just use '76 Duster Calipers and Hoses, but for the rear, use the '80 volare stuff!


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