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Mopar Hurst shifter ID

Mopar Hurst shifter ID

Moparts Member
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From: Palm Desert CA
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posted 01-18-2003 01:10 PM

According to the Chrysler Muscle Car Interchange Manual 1968-1974 the correct part number for a shifter in a 1970 4 speed non-console equipped Dart is 3467740, for a console equipped car the shifter number is 2996314.


Scott Smith
Moparts Member
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From: P.O. Box 160278, Clearfield, Utah 84016
Registered: Mar 2002
posted 01-18-2003 02:04 PM

The key to Shifter (mechanism) I.D. is the small number that is stamped into the side of the longest shifter "finger" post it and I'll tell what you have.


Moparts Member
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From: North to the Future
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posted 01-18-2003 02:09 PM

Look an the reverse lever where Scott mentioned. The numbers are listed below
6353 = '68-69 B-body and '68-up A-body,
7174 = '70 B-body only
7180 = '70-74 E-body and '71-up B-body




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