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10 and 11" Centerforce dual friction clutch part numbers

I don't know if anyone is interested in this or not but here are several pictures
of a 10 and an 11" Centerforce dual friction clutch setup.
I figured it might be good info for the tech setion if nothing else???

A couple buddies and I all bought clutches at the same tie to save on shipping,not to mention
Mancini had them on sale till the end of Feb 2002,even with the higher shipping of
Mancini we saved $55-$60 over buying them at Summit and only paying $7.45 Handling.

I added part numbers on the pictures to save a guy from having to
go look all those up if Centerforce was the way he wanted to go.

This is an 11" combo

This is what the backside of these discs look like

I found this interesting,it's a picture of the weights from the backside

And this is the front side shot of the weights

And last but not least here is a shot of the two different throwout bearings these use.

Those are the Centerforce numbers,I wanted to by all the stuff I knew would work.

I've got a question, I have a 101/2 centerforce in my Dart. The pedal feel is kinda strange, at about the halfway point(releasing) it just seems to push (spring?) out at you. Makes it hard to get a feel for the pedal.

Is this a case where I need to remove a spring from the linkage?

The feel to the pedal is just not linear from all the way in to all the way out, or is it just me?

To get a more "normal" feel remove the over center spring on the clutch pedal. Mine feels like a regular clutch since I don't have this spring.


Auto-xr is right! Remove that big ole honkin srping from under you dash and you're in business.

Just remember that you need to set your clutch pedal to 3/4 to 1" free play disengaged. Orrrrrrr you can measure at the flywheel-to-clutch for .030 airgap.

I don't care what other guys say about adding a helper/return spring at the fork or pivot to do the same thing...NOT! I tried it and removing the overcenter spring was the RIGHT move. You will be amazed at how easy it is the use that clutch.

light 'em up!



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