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Loctite on clutch/flywheel bolts

New Member
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From: My own little world...
Registered: Jul 2002
posted 07-17-2002 05:55 AM

I didn't put Loctite on the clutch or flywheel bolts when I did the 4-speed swap on my Challenger not too long ago. It's just an internally stock 360. It has a McLeod steel flywheel, Hays 10.5 street/strip, and all the bolts are new. Should I be worried?

They are new MP bolts and yes they were torqued to specs.

Moparts Member
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From: Parkersburg WV.
Registered: Aug 2000
posted 07-17-2002 07:37 AM

I always use loctite on those.

Mike P
Moparts Member
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From: Stillwater, ny, usa
Registered: Aug 2001
posted 07-17-2002 07:40 AM

Were they the original bolts? May have a little TL left in the threads. Did you at least torque them to spec? IF they start to loosen you may hear "knock" or vibrate at idle.
I know loose converter bolts sound like the crank is going to fall out at idle

Moparts Member
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From: Choctaw OK USA
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posted 07-17-2002 08:21 AM

Like the Fram ad, pay me now or pay me later.
How much damage will it cause if it comes out at high rpm.

Moparts Member
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From: Round Lake Beach, IL 60073
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posted 07-17-2002 08:24 AM

I have never used Loctite on flywheel/pressure plate bolts in 25 years on street cars. As long as you torqued them to specs, don't worry at all.

Moparts Member
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From: Golden, CO
Registered: Oct 2000
posted 07-17-2002 09:47 AM

The last answer is correct. Torque to spec, forget about the Loctite, unless it is called for in the factory service manual.

Moparts Member
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From: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Registered: Jul 2001
posted 07-17-2002 11:02 AM

I agree, torque to spec and don't worry.
Although I still use loc tite.
Blue for piece of mind and red for the serious stuff.

Moparts Member
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From: Beavercreek,OR
Registered: May 2000
posted 07-18-2002 12:41 AM

You makes your choices and you takes your chances.
Built a motor used new performance bolts torqued to spec. About amonth later flywheel came loose shifting @ 6000 rpm. Didn't come off the crank just started knocking like hell. Tore most of the motor down before I found the problem.

Now I use Loctite...

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