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Torque Convertor & Flex Plate Install

My tech tip for today !!!

Ever?? when trying to install the tranny into the car have the convertor slide out of the tranny or slide forward enough that it comes off the front pump lugs??

Well this little trick will keep the convertor in the tranny where it belongs untill you get the tranny bolted onto the motor.

Take a 7/16ths or 1/2 inch combitation wrench after you have the convertor installed in the tranny like it belongs in the pics above,and one of the inspection cover bolts (you could use a little longer bolt then the stock one with a washer on it)

After the convertor is in the tranny take the 7/16ths wrench and put the inspection cover bolt thru the boxed end, end of the wrench and with the offset of the wrench towards the convertor, bolt the wrench to the case in one of the inspection bolt holes, so that the open end of the wrench is holding the convertor back on the front pump lugs.

I hope this is easy enough to understand, but once you've done this trick, you'll never install another tranny and convertor w/o it. the pics below should help.

P/S: The pics below are from beepbeep and Runner, THX guys!!

contrick01.jpg - 143115 Bytes

convtrick02.jpg - 19716 Bytes

flexplinst01.jpg - 147583 Bytes


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