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High mount for super mini alternator

Got some pics of a prototype high mount alternator bracket kit for the little Powermaster 8172/8162. More info on the alternators at www.powermastermotorsports.com for you racer types.

alt0.jpg - 51526 Bytes

Or if you want to go with an over-the-counter part, here is how to hang a Toyota alternator on your B/RB block.

alt1.jpg - 49837 Bytes

The Toyota alternator is bigger and heavier than the Powermaster unit, but the advantage is that you can get one at PepBoys or Autozone. (or a wrecking yard) It is internally regulated just like the Powermaster unit (both are made by Denso) so it gets rid of the VR on the firewall.

Toyota alternator is a 1985 to 1992 4Runner. 60 amp unit with a v-belt pulley. Bosch part number is AL218X. Toyota part number is 27060-35060 or 35061. There are also a couple of other Toyota units that are almost identical but they are all covered under that Bosch interchange number. It is probably what I'd ask a parts jockey for. If you hit a wrecking yard look for the Toyota number.

There are small block brackets also, just don't have any pics yet. There is one board member who is running a prototype kit on his smallblock car now. He snagged a Toyota alternator at the wrecking yard and then bolted it on his autocross car. Saves some weight (6lbs I think) and provides more amps at idle than the Mopar unit.

andyf http://www.arengineering.com



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