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Mallory Unilite question?

My brother has a 69 Dart with a 360, and a Mallory unitlite comp 9000 distributor. The cap hits the wiper motor, making timing adjustment a pain, not to mention acring the terminals. Any suggestions? Is there a smaller cap available for the comp 9000?

acap.jpeg - 20588 Bytes

Robb from Mallory engineering department here.

Yes, there is a smaller cap for the C9000 distributors. It is part number 205 . It has male towers and a retainer to hold the plug wires in place, just like the larger cap. However, it is smaller in diameter (about the same diameter as the aluminum bowl) and mounts directly to the bowl without the use of the cap adapter.

You will also need the corresponding rotor that goes with the 205 cap. rotor: part number 336.


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