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Awesome ECU wiring diagram

ecudia.jpg - 62016 Bytes

And stock Wiring from MP

ign_1.gif - 11640 Bytes

ign_2.gif - 37191 Bytes

Ok I'm gonna try and go thru this hook up. Just remember it's 'simple' so don't make it hard.

Heres how we do our cars. Been doing it this way for years and haven't had any problems.

Go to your auto or elec supply store and pick up some of the connectors in the pic below.
ign4.jpg - 8476 Bytes

Now go to the tech area and look at the ballast res thread. it has this pic in it.
ign3.gif - 31887 Bytes

Now on the car unhook both ends of the old ballast res. and remove the old one and replace it with the one in the kit. "hook NO wires to it yet"

Then turn the key to the run posistion and take a meter or test light and find which one of the 2 connctions (wires that plugged to the ballast) has 12 volts on it and mark it ign #1. The other wire shouldn't have power to it.

Then have someone hold the key in the start posistion of the switch,and check the other wire to the ballast, it will have 12 volts on it then this is the ign #2 side. Not really a need to do it but it's a way to check yourself, and make sure you have id'ed the run side of the ballast.Mark eack wire to the ballast ign #1 or ign #2, It will make it easier to id them later.

Take the brass piggy back connector and put it on one end of the ballast. Then take the female wire connector and put it on the end of the Blue wire from the ecu box, and connect it to the brass piggy back connctor.
ign5.jpg - 18134 Bytes

Then take the wire from the key switch ign #1 (the one with 12 volts when the key was in the run pos) and hook it to the other spade on the piggy back connector.
ign6.jpg - 5618 Bytes

Connection is complete with that wire.

Then run the black wire from the ecu box to the neg (-) side of the coil and then that connection is complete


Rehook the other side of the ballast res(start or ign 2 in the ballast pic) back up.

Make sure the ecu box is grounded and the dist is pluggd up. We run a wire from one of the bolts we use to bolt down the ecu box back to the neg (-)battery post to make sure we have a good ground.

The final connections to the new ballast will be like in the pics below.
ign7.jpg - 22114 Bytes

You can swap the ing #1 wire and the blue wire from the ecu on the brass piggy back if you want to or need to. Somtimes the female connector on the org wiring harness will fit better on the top spade of the brass piggy back connector.

And now you can start the car.


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