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headlight replacement

Hey what is the best headlight replacement for our cars I'm tired of using those factory dim lights that are barely more effective than flash lights.

Should I upgrade my alternator also.


I was told that Wagner H6024BL should help. On the box they claim " 80 % more light on the road ! " I have not tried them on the car yet, so I don't know how they work.


I used Hella H4. Even better than the sealed beams mentioned above. Besides the bulbs are replaceable with any wattage, so you can get crazy, ie, 100W low beam!!
Also a must is the painless wiring headlight harness. It give full voltage to the headlights, eliminates current going through the headlight switch ( a big plus), and requires 0 cutting, a direct plug in install. All available from Summit, headlights 40 ea, harness about 75. Well worth it!


Well I'll have to say the Hella h-4 also. it;s the best set of lights I've ever had and you can get all kinds of BIG wattage replacement bulbs. They throw out a white cat eye pattern that is just awesome for seeing at night without blinding oncoming drivers, then you hit the high beams and look out. A friend had a set here on a new 79 Toyota truck and ever since then I was sold. Found these at a yard sale for 10 bucks and bought one new bulb for 6 and I was in business. They can still be bought new online and at larger parts stores too. I now have 80/100 bulbs in them


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