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power trunk opener

The local pick n pull had a half off sale today so I decided to try a power trunk opener off a later 80's chrysler. I see these sold on ebay that claim they are a bolt in for chargers but I can't get it to work. On the orginal one the top was groved so it could fit into the trunk so attach to the latch while this one is flat. Do I need to grind it for get the latch part that bolts into the trunk off another car. If so which kind of car should I look for.

I bet you a late 70's C body one would be a direct bolt in. Most mopars used the same mechanism, the exception being cudas. There are at least three threads on this same topic at the moment. Why the sudden interest in power trunks? Anyways, I think its a excellent idea. I put one on my swinger and it works great.


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