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FM Stereo conversion

Anyone had there's done? Is it great/mediocre/crummy?

Who did it? Recomend?


Retro, baby! Factory AM and FM converter. Where's my reverb?

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I had my am converted to am/fm stereo last year by a place in PA (Retro radio). It sounds OK... better than old original but not as good as a new stereo but I'm not hacking things up and I wanted to keep the thumbwheels.
22w x 2 is what I did... cost like $400 after everything or so because he had to fix the thumbwheel stuff too. It's still an analog tuner basically but I wired it in and it worked so I'm happy. 22w x 4 woulda been another $80 or $100 (I forget). CD changer jacks in the back for a changer that I didn't buy (yet).

A bunch of radio repair places listed in Hemmings here including the guy I sent mine to (who I met at Carlisle). http://www.hemmings.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/classifieds.servicesearch/type/radios

This is who I'm looking at. Cheaper than Antique Car Radio or Brads NOS. Same procedure.
I'm going to get the 88W 4CH option.


Or, do you need a radio to convert? I did a slight confuse.

I'm also watching this post.

3-4-5 years ago, when I researched it, the only outfit I found that would deal with a Mopar thumbwheel radio was AAR. If I remember correctly, they wanted around $400 for a FM conversion with CD inputs, RCA outs & an electronic tuner, making something like 25 or 35 watts/channel.

I know there are a few guys using Secret Audio in their cars & most seemed happy with them.


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