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It may be a simple enough topic, but i changed some of my plug boots, and figured i could take some pictures. The following basic tools are required, Wire strippers, needlenose pliers, silicone spray, and a razor.

1. First i cut the boot off of the end of the wire.

2. Then i cut the old plug contactor off at the end of the wire as close as i could. I also striped the wire back 1/4 inch. Be CAREFUL doing this, it is easy to damage the conductor. I used a razor/boot knife and cut around it.

3. I thne placed stripped end into the contactor, and crimped it using a standard crimper.

4. After this, give the sheild around the wire a good crimp, spray the contactor with silicone or 2-26, and insert into the boot with the terminal end facing towards you.

I hopw this is useful to anybody

boot1.jpg - 50632 Bytes
Tools Needed

boot2.jpg - 20644 Bytes
Wire at the Start

boot3.jpg - 23081 Bytes
Cutting The Boot

boot4.jpg - 18683 Bytes
End sripped and cut

boot5.jpg - 23760 Bytes
Cromping New End

boot6.jpg - 15877 Bytes

boot7.jpg - 19657 Bytes


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