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Just had my Dr Gas 3 1/2" to 3" set up installed, here's a couple of pix:

pipe1.jpg - 20785 Bytes

pipe2.jpg - 22499 Bytes

pipe3.jpg - 20285 Bytes

Anyway, he has a good friend who does A LOT of the Winston Cup systems (fortunately for me!) and what they did that was unusual (not to mention, pretty kewl) is to cut and shape (using a series of subtle bends) the collector to put the flanges just ahead of the crossmember cut-outs. This gets rid of the tight clearance with the 3 1/2" collectors running parallel to the T-bars. I think the final install is up under the chassis better than the factory engineered it. The guy is a pipe bending wizard, I really need to get some better shots of this, these shots don't do it justice.

Another good tip is to get these THICK (like 3/8" thick) 3 hole collector flanges to weld to the pipes, i've done this before and it gives you virtually no chance of leaking. They are flatter and stronger than the ones that come with standard header kits.

Weddington, N.C


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