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TTI Header Install.....Small Block

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posted 06-22-2002 11:35 PM

Spent my Saturday installing a new set of TTI's on my Buddies '72 340 'Cuda. I had read on the board how nice TTI's were, but until you actually get yoru hands on a set, your really can't appreciate jsut how SWEET they are...... Nicest headers by far I have ever installed. Make my $830 Hooker Super Comps look like crap.... The fit/finish of the TTI's is unbelieveable.

No more centerlink through the tubes, and TONS of Ground clearance.... No more dented tubes.... The starter also went right in.... and it is not even a mini starter. He was thrilled.

The headers went on in no time at all.... Used Stage 8 locking bolts, again NICE

Basic quick rundown of the car.... 340, 10.46:1, TRW forged pistons, Moly rings, .580" solid, 265@ .050", Ported Edelbrock heads, Weiand Stealth, 650 Race Demon, 3800 Stall 9" converter, TCI 727, 4.30 Richmonds.... Soon to be 416", 13:1, M1 Single plane, 950 HP, .630" solid...

The pics of these headers on the TTI website were what sold him on them.... He had never even heard of TTI before I mentioned them.... IF anyone out there is even THINKING about getting a set of TTI's, I definitely give them a BIG thumbs up, and he is VERY pleased. They did their homework and hit a home run in my book...

1 5/8" Step into 1 3/4" with 3" Collectors....


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posted 06-23-2002 12:25 AM

Insatlled my TTI headers in 73 Satellite with 360 Magnum engine last week. Basicly I agree - super nice parts. Nevertheless, I had a cleareance problem on the passanger side with the Cyl, #8 tube. It did not clear the torsion bar. Beside that: big thumps up...

John Russo
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posted 06-23-2002 02:55 PM

The TTI's for standard heads are stepped, 1-5/8 to 1-3/4". The new TTI's for W-2's are 1-7/8" no step. They are made for the wide bolt pattern. The W-2 headers will not fit the standard bolt pattern on some of the older W-2's like mine. The new W-2's have a dual bolt pattern. If you want them to fit the standard pattern, you'll have to use sub flanges from Hooker or Hedman. The standard head TTI's are around $500, and the W-2 headers are close to $675. John

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