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Stock exhaust dia. early 340/383

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posted 05-29-2002 11:31 AM

What dia. pipes did the early 340's & 383 come with? 2" or bigger? reason I ask is my Dart has almost new 2" from manifolds on back to bumper, going to headers when 360 is installed how bad is this going to hurt over all performance? I'll change it later after I get some more use out of this system.

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posted 05-29-2002 12:18 PM

Your 360 will like a minimum of 2 1/4 inch systemm with either an X pipe of H pipe. 2 inch is okay if the engine is somewhat stock.

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From: st charles, MO USA
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posted 05-29-2002 02:20 PM

I'm not sure about the a-body, but i do know that the b-body had a 2.25" ehhaust for all of the high perf packages, much to my amazement. Even hemi, 440-6, etc....

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From: Tallahassee
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posted 05-29-2002 06:01 PM

All 340 A bodies used mostly 2 1/4 inch exhaust. I say "mostly" because the early ones had a smaller pipe (1 7/8 or 2 inch, can't remember) coming off the driver's manifold and the later ones had a smaller pipe coming off both, but these all fed into 2 1/4 inch pipes a couple of feet from the manifold.
Earliest 383 A bodies had 2 1/4 inch pipes all the way, but the later ones had 2 1/2 inch exhaust pipes and 2 1/4 inch tailpipes.

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