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A body owners with headers and column shift auto

tlt - Moparts Member
Posts: 1408
From: Mount Vernon IA

Which headers are you using and did they require modification of the factory automatic column shift linkage? I'm primarily interested in standard full length headers such as Hooker Competition, Hedman, Cylcone, Dynomax, etc. etc.

I know the TTI, Spitfire, and Hedman shorty headers will clear everything, but I know there are bunch of you guys running standard type full length headers and was curious about the linkage. I know on some B-body cars with small blocks you have to modify the linkage, but have never heard a positive yes or no on the A-body.

b3stroker416 - Moparts Member
Posts: 192
From: hastings mi usa

70 duster column shift the cheapie headmans fit good.


GOREO - Moparts Member
Posts: 182
From: Mid Michigan

Owned 2 Darts with 440's and column shift's. My 69 had the CPPA (now TTI's) with the column slift linkage from a 340 auto.My current 68 440 Dart has Schumacker headers with the same shifter setup.Both times I had to flip the pivot arm at the valve body over to get clearance, but works fine. I also use the Turbo Action manual valve bodys, I don't think the kickdown linkage would clear the headers anyway.

70dart360 - Moparts Member
Posts: 736
From: Hampton, Ga

I got cheap headmans on my Dart everything cleared fine.Everything that is but the bottom tubes and the street!LOL


John Russo - Moparts Member
Posts: 2116
From: Portsmouth, VA, USA

'71 Duster 340, Hooker #5204, 1-3/4 x 38" with column shift 727. No mods needed. John

dave mckenna - Moparts Member
Posts: 166
From: Pemberton, NJ

i used hooker pn 5901. 1 5/8" primary, 3" collector.

they fit pretty good, and clear everything but manhole covers.
with the column shift had to modify the linkage down by the tranny, but it was easy, and the instructions illustrated what to do.

porboyracin- Moparts Member
Posts: 258
From: dade city,florida,usa

68 Dart 318/727 - 1 5/8-3" FLOW TECH El Cheapo's fit nice and no mods to make them fit. only 114.00 bones. mike

tlt- Moparts Member
Posts: 1408
From: Mount Vernon IA

Thanks guys, so only the Hooker's have to have the cross shaft modified it seems?

TK- Moparts Member
Posts: 1380
From: NW Arkansas

I've got Spitfires on my Dart. They were the first set Harold made for the column shift A-body. No clearance problems, and they dropped in from the top, without raising the engine. And, I've got power steering.



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