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Converting Fuel Pick-up Line

I recieved these detailed instructions from board member Mark (Pntastar69). Thx for contributing these instructions for all to have.

5/16" fuel tank ("A" body) sending unit to 3/8". I have performed this
conversion w/success and have sent it to some people on the board. Here are
detailed instructions on how I did it.

Mark (Pntastar69)

1 - Remove your sending unit (if not already) from the tank by tapping 1 of the
3 tabs on the locking ring ccw w/a piece of brass stock.

2 - Remove the 5/16" sock (filter). You'll need a 3/8" sock from the Dodge
Dealer, p/n 02534111 (8 bucks).

3 - Bend a piece of the 3/8" fuel line resembling the original 5/16" line. Don't
remove the line from the unit yet.

4 - Remove the nut from where the electrical connection is made. This will free
up the threaded stud for the wirewound resistor. You need to remove the
wirewound resistor . On mine, you have to bend the piece of metal in order to
remove the threaded stud. Don't worry, it'll bend back in place. I removed it
cuz I didn't want heat to damage the resistor. While your at it, measure the
resistor. Mine was about 5 ohms at the bottom and about 54 ohms at the top.

5 - I took mine to a rad shop for them to remove the old 5/16" line and to
solder the new one in. ($20) Make sure you leave plenty on either end and cut
what you don't need after.

6 - Flare the end of the line that connects to the fuel hose.

7 - Reconnect the resistor and bend the tab in place.

8 - The 3/8" sock will be longer than the 5/16" sock, about 4 or 5" total
length. Install the sock. Install the unit into the tank and see if it fits. You
can shine a flashlite in the filler neck hole to see. I had to trim mine several
times on the end where the sock installs for it to fit right. Be careful so the
float arm doesn't interfere with the line. Mine did. A little bending will take
care of that. With the 3/8" sock, it maybe difficult to install the unit w/the
float on it. Take your time, it'll go in.

9 - Don't trim too much off the ends. Keep trimming till it fits right.

If you are good at soldering, maybe you can do it yourself.

Ford part # COAZ-9202-B
that should get you the brass float. $4.14.


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