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Choke thermostat P/N needed?

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posted 05-13-2002 05:22 PM

Just double checking a P/N. I was given P/N 2951653 for a choke thermostat for a 70 Roadrunner with 383 4 barrel auto. Carb #4734s AVS which is Calif built. I was told this P/N was used on 70-72 Carters but I was also told that Chrysler made 5 different versions. Is this correct and if not does anyone have a correct P/N. Any help would be appreciated.


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posted 05-13-2002 06:15 PM

That is correct part # for the choke. Chrysler always listed choke stats by carb #.
They may have used that stat on 5 other carbs, but they never hade mutiple versions of one stat part #.


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This is directly from the edelbrock site:


To adjust the choke piston linkage (Figure 10) open the choke valve and insert a .026" wire, with a 90 degree bend 1/8" from the end, between the top of the slot in the choke piston cylinder and the bottom of the slot in the piston. Hold the wire in position and close the choke valve by pressing on piston lever A until resistance is felt. The dimension C should be .100" between the top edge of the choke valve and the air horn. To adjust, bend rod B.

To adjust the fast idle linkage (Figure 11) place the fast idle screw A between the two notches on the cam. Close the choke valve as far as possible without forcing it. The dimension C should be 3/64" between the choke valve and the air horn. To adjust bend rod D.

Fast idle may be adjusted to manufacturers specifications (usually 1500 rpm) during normal choke cold operation. The fast idle screw A can be adjusted with engine off and throttle held open to allow screw head access. Recheck fast idle speed after each adjustment.

The length of time during which the choke will stay closed is determined by the position of the choke cap. As the choke cap is turned clockwise the choke will stay closed longer. To properly set the choke turn the choke cap to the leanest notch on the choke housing, tighten the choke housing retaining screws, and run the engine until normal operating temperature is reached. With the engine running, slowly turn the choke cap clockwise until the choke valve begins to close. Now turn the choke housing one notch counterclockwise (LEAN) and tighten the choke housing retaining screws. Periodic readjustment of the choke will be required as the temperature changes throughout the year. After each adjustment verify that the choke valve opens fully after the engine is warm.


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