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Which pump is the loudest. Thinking about the Aeromtive A1000 pump because it is rated for continous duty. Running a BG280 now, works great but loud and can't run longer than 20 minutes(gets way to hot , BG says more than 20 minutes could burn pump up)Wanting to try and drive more on the street.

I use the A1000 on the street. I'd say its about as loud as a Holley blue pump. I can't hear it once the engine is running, so its not a problem for me.

Mallory 250 pump is quieter and rated for continuous duty. Use a return style regulator for even longer life and less noise.

The Aeromotive is pretty loud. 74Duster360 bought one and ended up sending it back for a Mallory 110. The Mallory's are whisper quiet and are the 110 and 140 are rated for continuous use.

The Comp250 is not rated for continuous use. Mallory says to run a -10 feed and a -12 return and it "should" last on the street. I wanted a pump designed to last on the street. Not one that "should". So I guess I'll check into ProductEngineering and Magnaflow before I buy the Aeromotive. Thanks for all the replies.

I don't know who you talked to at Mallory but I am the mechanical engineer at Mallory and I say the 250 pump, especially when used with a return style regulator, will live a long time on the street.

And you don't need a -12 return line as long as you run the correct regulator.

You will need a -10 return line and a large (PN 4300) return regulator. Don't try to use the smaller 4309 or 4307M regulators. A -8 feed line will work up to about 800 horsepower, use -10 for 800 to 1200 horsepower.

Using a large RETURN regulator, -10 return line, and a filter BEFORE the pump, the 250 pump will last about 3 or 4 years on a daily driver (driven 2 hours per day). This is based on a 3000 hour brush life.

I have a friend with a blown AMX that is street driven about 2000 miles per year and run down the drag strip about 10 times a year (runs 10.50's through the mufflers on pump gas). This car has had the same 250 pump on it for over 7 years.

The Mallory 110 is shipped set up for use without a regulator (ie the bypass is set at about 6 psi). If you use the 110 without a regulator on a 650hp motor, the pressure will fall off at the top end.

The 110 cannot be used with a dead head regulator because the bypass pressure is too low, however, you could use it with a return regulator (since the pump bypass is blocked off when using a return regulator) and it might work but you would be on the ragged edge with 650hp.

To be safe, use a 140 pump and a return regulator such as 4309 or 4307M (or the return log (4302M) if you run a Holley carb).

You can buy a 140 pump with a 4309 regulator (PN 4142) or buy the 140 pump alone (PN 4150) and purchase a regulator separately.

This is the Mallory help desk's answer to someone elses question that I was going by.

I'm sorry for all the conflicting info you are getting. The answer you were given by the helpdesk came out of Ohio at the Mr. Gasket headquarters. They tend to be very conservative. It is true that I would not recommend any Mallory pump for someone who is a traveling salesman and puts 50,000 miles per year on his car. But our pumps are intended for the performance/racing market and 90% of these cars don't even see 10,000 miles per year.

If you want a pump that will last 100,000 miles on a daily driver, the Mallory 250 probably isn't for you. But if around 3000 hours seems reasonable, it will work fine as long as you follow the rcommendations I stated before.

Tom McGibbon is an Erson salesman that works here in Carson. He recently bought a pro-street car that he drives to work on occasion as well as back and forth to Reno (about 60 miles) for car shows etc. The car has a big block with aluminum heads and a Mallory 250 pump.

At this point I almost hope you don't run a Mallory pump because if you do and something goes wrong I'm going to look like an idiot but honestly, I know many people who have run them without problems.

Anyone on this forum running a Mallory 250 pump? How long did/has it lasted?

I have a Mallory 250 with return style regulator with -10 feed and return. The pump is about 6 years old, I do some street driving and never have had a problem with it. This is a high quality piece and I also find it very quiet.


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