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throttle cable part numbers

This is a list of throttle cable part numbers and over all lengths- end to end. These all have a ball at the pedal end and a horseshoe shaped clevis at the carburetor end, just like the factory cables. Note that there are two types of firewall fittings- round metal and square plastic. Be sure to check you car before purchasing a cable. The part numbers given are Pioneer producst and are available at most auto parts stores, such as Autozone, Carquest and many others. You can also buy them online at www.partsamerica.com . Prices on these cables are usually only about $25.00.

Cables with ROUND METAL firewall fitting

  • 19.2 #CA-8417
  • 24.6 #CA-8418
  • 27.3 #CA-8670
  • 28 #CA-8406

Cables with SQUARE PLASTIC firewall fitting

  • 19.7 #CA-8414
  • 20 #CA-8422
  • 20.3 #CA-8416
  • 20.8 #CA-8420
  • 25.8 #CA-8413
  • 26.1 #CA-8412

Please note that I obtained these measurements directly from blue prints that were sent to me from Pioneer. The blueprint copies I received were somewhat illegible. If you discover that you have a different measurement that listed, please let Moparts know so that the list can be corrected.

Also note that Pioneer has a speedometer cable that will allow you to connect your aftermarket speedometer to your Mopar transmission. It has threaded fittings at both ends. The part number is CA-3004

Greg Z


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