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Installing Juliano's Seatbelts in 68 RR?

Anyone do this? I like the idea of 3 point retractable seatbelts in the RR. It's not a numbers matching resto. I'm looking for advice/tips/tricks/rough spots from anyone who's installed these or units like them.

Where's the factory hole for the shoulder belt point?

In the headliner, above the rear window, where the glass starts to curve down. According to my resto book. You'll probably have to feel around for them. What company does retractable seat belts? url?

I have felt that hole. I asked Juliano's about that, but they weren't familiar with it. The belts from Juliano's are 3 point retractable.



that's where the book shows the shoulder anchor point is. Thank's for the address.


1968 Road Runner
1992 Jeep Wrangler

In my 69 Sport Satellite which came factory with shoulder belts, the holes are right above the vertical front window trim in the headliner.


Kekoa:I put up a whole page on how to do this and asked the mods to save it but I guess no one had time. Here are some pics of what I did.
You can not use the original hole because it is at the wrong angle and the belt pivot will hit the window trim. Julianos sends the belts with new weld in plates so I just used those and put them at a more vertical angle.

Here is the new plate for the retractor. This needs to be perfectly vertical so that the retractor wont lock up when the belt is pulled out.

Here is the whole belt installed. I used the stock front hole for the end of the belt.

By moving the top mounting hole forward and putting the retractor straight below it the belt lines up with the window and makes it harder to see from the outside.
Make sure the rear seat will fit before you weld in the retractor plate.
Also when you get the kit, get the one with the soft belt rather that the hard plastic arm. Another thing, the plastic covers for the bolt holes on the lap belt have to be ordered separately.
This is in a 69 Dart but a RR should be close to the same. This belt works great!! I can even reach the radio now with out having to undo or loosen my belts. It probaly only took me about 4 hours to do this and is way worth it.
Hope this helps you guys.


Thanks ICEBERG, that's exactly the kind of info I was looking for. Since I have a coupe, do you see any problems mounting the shoulder belt pivot in the B-pillar if I can't use the original hole in the roof?



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