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my experience removing ebody dash

Just wanted to throw out my suggestions for those wondering how to remove the dash on their e-bodies (whether to take out the windsheild first, or not).

yesterday I took the entire dash frame out (pad included) without removing the windshield and it was a piece of cake.

I had previously removed the heater core, and the steering column as well as pulled the wireing harnesses through the firewall into the passenger compartment. After messing around with the removal of the e-brake, I got ambitios and decided the dash was coming out as well.

The 4 bolts under the windshield at the far edge of the dash are 7/16 (IIRC) and can easily be removed with a 1/4" drive 7/16" wobbel socket + extension, or regular socket and wobbel extention. I have a 6" wobbel extension so that's what I used.

Once those 4 bolts were removed, I could move the dash frame up and down, but not all the way out, so I looked for some more bolts. There are only two more bolts on each side of the dash frame holding it to the sides of the car. Once those were out the dash dropped, but was getting hung up on the A pillar trimpanels... Once those were removed the whole thing fell to the floor.

My suggestion is take the trim off the a-pillar, then the 4 bolts under the windshield, and then the 2 on the side and have someone holding it cause when it drops there's nothing to save it (ask me how I know).

From what I experienced I don't know why you'd need to remove the windshield unless you were just trying to take out the pad... (which I havn't done yet). But with how easy the entire assmebly came out I don't know why you'd want to do anything different.

Hope this helps someone out there!



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