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Removal of Shaker Hood Bezel

Credit to MGibbons...Topic: "...SURE FIRE method to remove Shaker Hood Bezel."
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posted 07-01-2001 11:53 AM
I've received a request from one of our fellow Board members to detail how to remove a Shaker Hood Bezel without breaking off those fragile POT METAL studs.
I utilized this procedure with 100% success on my '70 Shaker Challenger R/T (see website below). The hood I purchased from a friend, had been sitting for 20(+) years and had all of the usual surface rust, multiple repaints and primer.

Step #1 - Place the hood upside down and lying flat on it's back with the studs facing upward. I used two saw horses with padding to accomplish this.

Step #2 - Soak each stud/nut with Liquid Wrench.

Step #3 - Keep that can of Liquid Wrench by your garage/shop door. Every time you walk by that hood facing up, give those studs/nuts another shot of Liquid Wrench.

Step #4 - Unless you're in a BIG hurry (not recommended), repeat Step #3 over a period of several weeks (if not months).

Step #5 - When you're ready to remove the nuts, buy a small propane torch and a nut driver of the appropriate size.

Step #6 - Apply a SMALL amount of heat to the nut/stud. Do not OVERHEAT the assembly. DO NOT heat till cherry red. Just a mild application of heat, until you see the Liquid Wrench beginning to burn.

Step #7 - Take the nut driver in your LEFT hand (if you are RIGHT handed). Vice versa if you are LEFT handed. Apply a gentle amount of CCW torque immediately after heating and the nut should back right off.

Step #8 - If you encounter a stubborn nut, repeat Steps #3 through #7.

This procedure worked on the very first try, and I safely removed the OEM bezel.

When reinstalling the bezel use Mr. G's Shaker Fastener kit. It's perfect.

Good luck!


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