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E body hood hinges

My Challenger is at the body shop and I have been told that the hood hinges are worn out. Apparently the hood must be pushed down at the hinge areas in order to get it to sit flat when it is closed. What exactly is it that wears on the hinges? Is it possible to repair/rebuild? Please share your experiences.

These people do a real nice job. http://www.smsmopar.com/

i have a '74 cuda that does the same thing...you have to push the hood down just a little at the rear after it is closed to make it sit flush...i would be interested in getting mine fixed also...

hmmm SMS will take your old hinges as a core and send you a rebuilt "better than new" set for $149.00 plus shipping.....that is a little more than i was wanting to spend for just my hood hinges...isnt there another fix??

From my understanding a bushing wears out and does not allow the hings to retract completely on its own. There is a company that is rebuilding them now. They advertise in most of the Mopar Magazines. I can't recall a name at the moment, but I am sure, that someone else here should recall. If not, I will look through a couple of the old mags to see if I can dig it up for you.

what wears out are the rivets , 6 on each hinge. sms does nice work .


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