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A body door striker jamb repair pic

Quick Kurt
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I thought I'd share this, since i had time to snap a pic today:

I've seen a few posts in the past asking about repairing the door jamb on an A-body where the stiker post attaches. My 69 Dart had both sides busted when I bought it in 81. I made these repair patches out of stainless steel, and use four 10-32 flat head screws, countersunk into the repair patch. I took some of the shim washers out from under the striker post, equal to the thickness of my patch. You have to take off the rear quarter trim panel to put the nuts in place behind the B-pillar.

It's not good for a concours restoration, but it works great on a driver.

In fact, at the Mopar Nats, when my dart was being judged as an A-body modified, I lost points for having the wrong year mirrors, not having headrests, having my bumpers painted, not having the right trunk floor, or emissions sticker, but they NEVER noticed the door jamb repair. I DID say " A-body modified" class.



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