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Early/ late trans mount swap

I got a 73-later C body trans mount and I found it will fit a 70 B body IF...you turn the actual cross-bolt mount BACKWARDS. Also only the inside 2 cross bolts line up with the underside, outside holes for the other 2 are about 1 1/2" closer center to center. You can either drill new holes or make a straddle plate out of sheet steel and place in across the outside and inside bolts, once they're in, tack them in place.

There is a slight mod you have to do when you flip the mount around. You need to notch out the Wings (angle portions of the tranny mount) to match up to the rectangular 'Seat' on the trans. Took 5 minutes with the dremel cutting wheels.

I never like the early tranny mount style, it's cool that there is a way to use the new style without spending a lot of cash!


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