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how to remove the hood when you're alone


I was dropping the engine back in the car today and figgered I'd share my "cheat" on how I get the hood on and off when I'm alone.

I dunno how you guys yank a steel hood without scuffing the car, but I use my engine hoist. I'll stuff seat covers, carpet padding, old jackets, etc under the back corners of the hood once it's open. Then I hook the engine hoist to the loop for the hood latch and wrap the chain with an old shirt or towel to keep it from scarring the front edge.
Remove the hood bolts one side at a time holding the back of the hood. That way you can control it and keep it from bouncing around.
Once it's loose, just pull it over to one side of the car while letting the opposite side slide across the windshield on the padding you used.

Do it all backwards to get the hood back on.

Works great for me and I never had any touble with it.

hood.jpg - 130600 Bytes

hoodoff.jpg - 138256 Bytes


I always just opened the hood, loosen the front two bolts

remove the rear two bolt with a ratchet while holding the hood up with my other hand.

pivot the hood down and remove the front two bolts

lift hood off car. but I'm a pretty big guy


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