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Testors Paint E Body Gauge Bezel ?

Awhile back someone posted a testors model paint color that was a dead on match for the brown gauge surronds on an e body rallye dash. Anyone know that color? it came up during a thread about the repro gauge bezels


The paint color. For the dark brown around the gauges, an exact match is testors brand flat enamel#1183 "rubber"
The black trim around the guages can be restored with flat black paint and a foam style, wedge shaped brush. Spray the paint onto a clean surface and then dip one side of the brush into the paint. do not paint the raised aluminium ridge. use spray paint only if you are very good at masking.

If the aluminium plate has seperated it can be heated in an oven at 250 for approx 5 mins. totally reglue the plates using super glue. automotive grade goop or e-6000 works very well. press pieces together for at least 8 hours.

Hope this helps, these are the instructions provided in the decal kit.

This is the instruction sheet supplied with the PCG Dash decal. I don't know how old these instructions are, so please keep that in mind while viewing.


A. Be sure you have the overlay correct for your cluster.
a) Remote reset speedometer and clock must have knob cutout holes in woodgrain at bottom.
b) Direct reset speedometer and clock should NOT have holes in woodgrain at bottom.

B. If the black plastic of the shroud is wrapped, it can be corrected as follows:
a) Wear clean, heavy cloth gloves.
b) Set a burner of an electric stove to a medium setting.
c) VERY carefully hold the warped area over the burner, frequently checking the plastic for softness.
d) When the plastic is JUST moveable, gently push it into the correct shape.
e) NEVER set the shroud directly on the burner!

C. If the glue has failed between the woodgrain trim plate and its metal backing plate, use a TWO-PART
super glue. Be sure none of it gets on the visible surfaces of the plastic.

D. If someone has added a hole to the cluster woodgrain trim plates, make a repair plate exactly the same size
as the hole. Use THIN aluminum, brass, or even wood. Then make another repair plate larger than the
hole, glueing it to the REAR of the trim plate. Now glue in the same-size plate. The woodgrain overlay
will hide the joint.

E. The black trim around the edges of the plates can easily be restored with flat black paint and a foam-style,
wedge-shaped brush. Spray the paint onto a clean surface, then dip only ONE-SIDE of the brush into the
paint. Do NOT paint the raised bare aluminum ridge.

K. The dark brown trim around the instrument cutouts of the trim plate can be painted similarly to the black
trim. Apply the brush from the REAR of the holes. Use 600 grit sandpaper on the ridges around the holes.
The closest brown color match known to date is Rust-o-leum brand Dark Bronze #7713.

G. Apply the woodgrain overlay when all paint and glue work is COMPLETELY DRY.
a) Remove the backing paper from the sticky side of the overlay.
b) Spray the sticky side thoroughly with window cleaner.
c) Place the overlay in the general correct location on the trim panel; BEFORE rubbing out the water
from the overlay, SLOWLY remove all of its carrier paper.
d) Now guide the overlay to its EXACT location. Rub out the window cleaner, using only your fingers.
e) All of the moisture will have to dry before the fold-over edges will permanently stick.

Testors rubber. Direct from Dave at PPG. I painted the rings by spraying it through a glass jar/ screw on gas filled canister which is sold at a paint supply or hardware. The spray was good but had to buy a few jars of rubber to fill the jar high enough to reach the draw tube in the jar. I did a search on the web for the testors web site and bought from them through the web site.

If you are thinking of refinishing the black tubes Dave at PPG told me to get a flat black spray bomb from K-mart. I believe dutchboy flat. His specific instructions said be sure not to get the rust prevent flat black just the flat black. I have a can of it someplace along with a couple bottles of rubber I don't need.


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