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Anybody want to build a V8 caravan?

Thats the thing i like most about it, Cheap, and I aint Hurting value, I'm increasing it. $300 for the voyager, 285 for a totaled in '87 '85 cop dippy parts car, had the thing on the road in three months with a total investment of: (drum roll) $1385.00. including tires and exhaust. (with the 318-904 combo) Oh yeah, Then I sold the 3.0 and the 2 new 14"tires that were on it for $400. $985

With the 1-1/8 cop swaybay on the front, It handles like a dream for a van. I no longer get the white knuckle, is it going to roll feeling when I go around a curve, and its stable in high winds. I had a friend follow me when I finished it to see if it dog tracked, It didn't. I've never even had it aligned. After 10,000 miles, no abnormal tire wear.

Ok, Here is a little info till i get the site done. The front subframe is out of the 85 dip I mentioned as is the rear end. The dip sub, was cut just forward of the firewall. The outside measurement of the dip sub is exactly the same as the inside measurement of the Voyagers. The van front rails have to be cut out below the strut towers up to the top lip, and a inch from the firewall forward 14 " for the upper A arms. The firewall has to be cut out straight up from the rh frame rail to the pinch weld on the bottom of the cowl, and then cut along the pinch weld to where the cowl drops down for the wiper motor, then straight down to the floor and back 7" into the floor and across and up to the cut on th rh side. After doing this you should be able to Lift the front of the van up and roll the front sub, with the engine and trans in place to check for any cutting adjustments. There is a lot more, and I don't want to get into a ton of details here, Its gonna take a couple pages.


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