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69.5 F6 green paint formula,

Awhile back I posted a question on the boards about F6 correct color well I got a Qt formula
from Mirror Image out in Indiana so i thought
i'd share it with al those who inquired about it.
You will have to muliply this formula if you need
more than a Qt.

F6 Qt Formula PPG DBC Basecoat
tint---------cumulative parts
DMD662 -----------89.8
DMD647 -----------98.8
DMD686 ----------222.6
DMD690 ----------368.7
DMD640 ----------691.0
DBX689 ---------1016.5

Well there you have it everyone.

Mods Is there a place where this Formula can be saved for future use?It Has Been Judged by
Chrysler Nats Judge to be Correct Shade F6.


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