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Dupont Paint #s for Mopar Engines

Since the link in my previous post won’t work half the time, here it is typed out. Once again, thanks to wingrunner.
From Mopar Muscle April ’89;
These are Dupont paint numbers for the most popular Mopar engines. Any RM, Ditzler or Acme jobber can cross to their numbers.

Race Hemi Orange
(Max Wedge, ’64-65 Race Hemi)
Dupont #5065DH

Street Hemi Orange
66> High Performance
Dupont #5067DH

273 HiPo Red
Dupont #5092DM

(Delete the Metal Flake)
Dupont #4799D

72> Smog Blue
Dupont #5351D

Hope this will benefit some one.


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