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I did the door jambs with epoxy and then 2k primer. Why? I didnt want to strip the jambs and they were laquer that was in good condition. wet sanded and epoxy primed then 2k urethane surfacer over that. I painted over some of the mecanism and stuff because the owner had already done so.

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car is in final coat of 2k primer. Now i will do the jambs on the door area, trunk area, and hood area. I will let the primer on the outside sit for a few days so it will shrink into the 180-320 sand scrathces before I wet sand it . Which I will be doing the jambs anyway. I have used a divibiss finish line three for all this project. 35-40 psi with the trigger pulled. This gun uses lots of air. I sprayed the primer with the 1.8 tip installed. I will do the base with 1.5 tip and then the clear with 1.3 you have to buy seperate. this is an hvlp. I dont know how the clear will spray yet. I got a quality high flow regulator on the gun and none between the compressor and the gun. this gun is supposed to be an air hog and you dont want to restrict the air . I noticed with the inline reg at the water filter it would barely flow 35 with trigger pulled took it out and now it will go to 60-70 with triiger pulled. Set it at 30-40 as said above but will turn it down low 25-30 to not waste paint when doing jambs and wheel well edjes ect. stuff is too expensive to just blow in the air. While lack primer was wet still saw a few small areas that might need a little work. Mods I know your as busy as me i work two jobs including this. if I need to do something to help. IE eail pics ect. pls just contact me. i am doing this to help others like me.

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