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Goodmark Challenger Quarters Installed - Pics!

Went over to the shop and found they have installed the pair of Goodmark quarters we got for my brother's Challenger.
Good1.jpg - 99606 Bytes

The body lines on the quarter match right up to the body lines on the door.
Good2.jpg - 61442 Bytes

A couple of minor issues. He's using a repro rear deck filler panel, and as you can see in the pic, the contour of the quarter doesn't quite match the contour of the filler panel. Not too difficult to fix, but I wonder if the fit would have been better if an original rear filler panel would have been used.
Good3.jpg - 80170 Bytes

The other area that needs a bit of attention is where the indentation for the bumper is. Again nothing too serious, but it does need some massaging here. Note that the pre-drilled holes for the eyebrow molding line up almost perfectly with the original holes in the tail panel. The same can be said for the rest of the valance tabs in the quarters, they line right up with the tabs in the original trunk extensions.
Good4.jpg - 132077 Bytes

Overall I was told they went on quickly, with no problems. There are a few minor waves in the panels that will need to be blocked out, but the finish work should be minimal compared to the crappy skins available previously.
My body man says he wants to write a thank you letter to Goodmark!


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