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Repairing broken studs on rubber bumpers??

Anyone ever done it? Specifically a front Cuda bumper. I realize you can not remove the old and simply put in a new. Can a stud be welded in with any success?

Could cause problems if the rubber got too hot. How about drilling and tapping for a small stud or bolt? I'm sure someone has repaired these. Probably could weld it if you're careful.

I have never done this, but how about taking a flat piece of steel, about 3 inches square, bend it to fit in the contours of the bumper,grind the spot down flush where the bolt is broken, weld a regular bolt of the correct size to the metal plate and use the new quarter panel bonding stuff to bond it to the inside of the bumper. No welding necessary. A bodyman friend says the stuff will tear sheet metal before it will give. just my .02

THis is the way my body guy did it. He cut a small square of the rubber bumper out from the face of the bumper right where the head of the stud would be and the. removed and replaced the original carriage bolt with a replacemnet. then he either filled the area with flexible bumper repair or replaced the cut away square piece and glued it back in place using the flexibale bumper repair stuff.

still looks good 10 years later.


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