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Master Cutoff Switch

Once the battery is moved to the trunk of the car or relocated from the factory stock location. The car MUST have a Master Cutoff switch installed to Kill all Electric power to the cars electrics.

sw1.jpg - 18677 Bytes

The Switch must be on the rear of the car and easily found and marked so 'ANYBODY' can read and understand on how to terminate power to the car.

The pics below show the switch that has been installed into the key hole for the trunk latch.

sw4.jpg - 21055 Bytes

The pic below also shows the charging terms for the battery. The tail lense was broke and we installed the charging terms in the broken area, Kinda looks like we designed it that way and saved us from having to buy a new tail light lense for that side.

The dart below we installed the master cutoff switch and the charging terms in the new glass bumper so we didn't have to cut holes in the fresh body work. You can be 'creative' in the placement of the switch and terms, Just make sure the switch is labled clearly and easy to find and operate.


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