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Rear Chassis Setup Dimension Sheet.

Heres the best way to sit down and figure out the rear chassis and system requirements. Very LARGE scan so give it time to load. But it should be well worth the time so you can get ALL the dimensions needed to set up your rear chassis. This first pic will help you in locating the rear housing in the chassis, and the things you need to consider when you design or have designed the rear end.

resetup01.gif - 231113 Bytes

These next 2 pics will aid you in locating and deisgning the traction system you decide to use in the car and what needs to be learned before you start cutting.

rsetup02.gif - 93568 Bytes

rsetup03.gif - 7968 Bytes

These scans are from the A.R.T. and Comp Eng catalogs.

heres an old pic of an 4 link being designed and installed.

chassisrearsetup01.jpg - 25038 Bytes


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