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Narrowing Rear Axle Housing

These pics will show the alignment bar needed to narrow a rear housing correctly and be able to know that the ends have been welded on stright and are square to the axle center line of the carrier.

The pic below is the alignment bar and how it fits in the carrier unit.

rear1.jpg - 8112 Bytes

The pics below will show the bar and how it keeps the ends strait and square.

rear2.jpg - 13378 Bytes

The bar is what keeps the ends strait and square.

rear3.jpg - 8605 Bytes

This pic shows the 'pucks' that fits the axle bearing ends and is centered and squared to the center section by way of the bar.

raer4.jpg - 14889 Bytes

The puck is placed inside the bearing end and slid over the bar to get it strait and square.

rear5.jpg - 18362 Bytes

Then the bearing end is slid up to the housing tube and readied for welding.

rear6.jpg - 15575 Bytes

Then the bearing ends are welded to the housing. And as long as the bearing 'puck' can be slid in and out of the bearing end after the welding the bearing end was welded on correctly.

rear7.jpg - 18607 Bytes

In My Opinion any rear housing that isn't shortened using this type of narrowing jig, Has NOT been narrowed correctly. And In MY Opinion will NOT be strait and square to the center line of the carrier.


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