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Front Clips Control arm & strut

These pics are from the A.R.T. cat and will show the most common way to change the front clip on your race car.

The first pic will be of an control arm type closely related to the front system currently on your older Mopar cars.

artfrtclp02.JPG - 28712 Bytes

Control Arm System


The pic below will be of what seems to be the front clip most racers are favoring today. And the most common system on todays front wheel drivers as well


artfrtclp01.JPG - 36763 Bytes

Front Strut System

These first couple of cars use the stock type front 'K' frames, but the front inner fenders and core supports have been removed and replaced with snout bars and the shocks towers have been reinforced with the bars as well.

frtclp01.JPG - 29079 Bytes

frtclp02.JPG - 28902 Bytes

The car above has the snount bars stubbed into a plated area of the firewall and then tied to the cage inside the car as well.

The car below has the snount bar ran thru the new firewall and tied directly into the cage inside the car. It also has tubular aftermarket upper control arms. Late model 73 up stock type disc brake system.

r3cdmp10.JPG - 17924 Bytes

These next cars have had the front clip changed to other kinds of front ends. These still have the upper and lower control arms.

frtclp03.JPG - 26005 Bytes

The car above has a front steer rack and front brakes and uses aftermarket upper and lower control arms.

frtclp04.JPG - 26284 Bytes

The car above has had the front end changed from a front wheel driver to RWD. The engine bay had to have the front end reworked to accept the V-8 motor and the steering as well.

frtclp05.JPG - 36668 Bytes

The car above a late model front wheel drive Daytona has had the front clip replaced with a upper and lower control arm type front end.


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