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A Body fiberglass hood hinges installed

I got a tip on the forum a while back on light hood hinges for the A body's for the fiberglass bolt on hoods. I went to the junk yard and got hinge springs off a 86 daytona, they just gave them to me. I took the doors off and popped off the original springs and put these on and it works like a charm. They are just strong enough to hold the hood up and have no tension when the hood is down. It took me and a friend aout 45 minutes! If you don't have access to a junk yard, chrysler has them new for $35 a piece.


I used the same ones on my 71 Duster. They work great. I paid $15/pr at my local junkyard. They were like new. I had posted to someone that the 86 Daytonas work fine. Glad I could help. If anyone needs a set let me know as the junkyard has 4 or 5 other Daytonas with spings. I would never pay $70/ set to MPP. That's another rip..


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